SHOW:  ANTISEEN @ Reggies – Fri. Nov. 8th – 8pm
WINNER: Marky K. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: My Aunt got me a Sloppy Seconds CD for Xmas when I was 13, ever since then, they have been in my Top 10. I eventually want to get the little green guy logo tattooed on me!
SHOW:  THE DICKIES @ Reggies – Sat. Nov. 9th – 8:30pm
WINNER: Richard V. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Ok. The last time I saw the Dickies was a part the Hey! Punk tour in ’02, Seattle. Gotta say one of the best weekends of my life. Dickies played with Angry Samoans and The Dwarves. Fuckin’ killer night. Next day, Adolescents, DI, Agent Orange, The Briefs, Duane Peters & The Hunns (…or was it US Bombs?) I can’t remember, either way, that weekend was crazy. Old skool skate jam, awesome punk shows, insane partying and somehow I worked after at a bar down the street! After close, managed to score some grub with members of The Adolescents and DI and a signed shirt from Rikk Agnew! So why do I deserve tickets to see The Dickies? Because those dudes played on the soundtrack of that unforgettable weekend. Not to mention every time I see Germ from Modern Day Rippers I get a sloppy tongue in the ear. Saturday is officially my “get fucked in the ear by Germ’s tongue” day. Cheers.
WEEK 45 (Nov. 3rd – Nov. 9th)

SHOW: MISS FISTS & THE ASTRO ZOMBIES @ Ultra Lounge – Thu. Oct. 31st – 8pm
WINNER: Scott D. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: The night of the show is my birthday!
WEEK 44 (Oct. 27th – Nov. 2nd)

SHOW: THE BROTHERS GROSS @ Underground Lounge – Sat. Oct. 26th – 8pm
WINNER: Noah S. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I have to have some fun on Saturday night. This show seems like a good time. If I win, I’ll have an even better time!
WEEK 43 (Oct. 20th – Oct. 26th)

SHOW: RED CITY RADIO @ Beat Kitchen – Sat. Oct. 19th – 10pm
WINNER: Will T. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Gimme gimme tickets to the Red City Radio show, please!!!
WEEK 42 (Oct. 13th – Oct. 19th)

SHOW: THE COPYRIGHTS @ Ultra Lounge – Fri. Oct. 11th – 8pm
WINNER: Rusty F. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 41 (Oct. 6th – Oct. 12th)

SHOW: REAL FRIENDS @ Subterranean – Sat. Oct. 5th – 5:15pm
WINNER: Josh G. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 40 (Sep. 29th – Oct. 5th)

SHOW: BOILERMAN @ Gnarnia – Sat. Sep. 28th – 7pm
WINNER: Blake K. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 39 (Sep. 22nd – Sep. 28th)

SHOW: RIOT FEST @ Humboldt Park – Fri. Sep. 13th – Sun. Sep. 15th
WINNER: Jacob B. won a pair of 3-Day passes!
REASON: Hi, two 3-Day passes to Riot Fest Chicago 2013? Sign me up. Whoever has the best reason? Bands dude, what more reason could anyone possibly have? No one needs to see Riot Fest or they’ll die. Some people would just be more stoked than others. I would be pretty super stoked. Let’s see, why give them to me and not anyone else? Well you’re Pop Punk Dot Com and I’m waaay more pop punk than all these other feebs. I’m overweight, crush on girls constantly, play music because I have to, sell records at my distro cause no one else will, book pop punk bands constantly at the DIY space I help run because every other DIY promoter in town only cares about metal and hardcore, and I’m typing this out from my cubical where I work 40 hours a week. I missed Insub ’13 because I got dumped and couldn’t afford to drive myself in my shitty car, sold my pass for half what it was worth to the first punk that wanted it, and how pop punk am I? I drove to Chicago instead to catch the Mopes in Jughead’s basement. Grath Madden himself would have to say that’s pretty fucking pop punk. But he’d say it sarcastically because in the same position he would have just watched some TV instead because he doesn’t give a shit about bands. I’ve hugged Danni Mess, I’ve exchanged letters with Danny Nothing, I’ve chiefed with Grath until he couldn’t smoke anymore. I’ve been too bitter and depressing for David Mugsy, I’ve said fuck you to Chris Crusher (to his face no less), called Larry Livermore a homophobe. I even grossed out the Dopamines with a story about my fucking genitals. That makes me as pop punk as a person can possibly be by anyone’s definition and it’s just the tip of the iceburg. Since I’ve already explained how I’m clearly the pop punkest of them all I won’t bore you with the multitude of other examples. Which I assure you I could give. Instead I’ll point out the obvious public safety issue. Your every day Joe off the street can’t handle a three day fest like this. I myself have extensive training. In addition to being a Insubordination Pop Punk Fest veteran I keep myself in rockin’ form by attending 2-7 shows a week. That’s on top of the 2-4 practices a week for the two pop punk bands I’m in. Average that at like 3 shows a week at about 3 hours each plus two 2 hour practices comes to 13 hours of rockin’ a week. That’s more than a lot of the bands playing this thing can claim, let alone the people attending it. Giving me those tickets could be saving someone’s life! Do your part. As far as other reasons I should really be there, well the pop punx will be out in force! I should really be a part of that. The Lillingtons! Holy shit! One time I paid 200 dollars for the Lillingtons box set through a member of the band. I asked him if he had the metal tin, he said he didn’t and I’d been looking for a while so I agreed to buy a sealed plastic box. He asked if I wanted it autographed and I said no. He still opened it and signed it. A month later he sold the metal box online because he needed money. Totally got ripped off. Then Clearview listed them on Ebay and I picked up a second copy for 25 bucks. Anyways, the point is I love the Lillingtons. Screeching Weasel! Screeching Weasel is my second favorite band of all time, after the Ramones. When the Riverdales reunited I bought sold out tickets for three times their value and drove all the way to Chicago after getting off work. I did the same for the recent Mopes reunion. It’s never worked out for Screeching Weasel though. I don’t care about the bullshit, I wanna rage to some of my favorite songs ever! Flag! Joan Jett! Masked Intruder! Direct Hit! The Broadways! The Replacements! There’s too many awesome bands. Oh and Radkey, who I’m super stoked on lately. I need to be there, and this is absolutely the only way it’s happening. So yeah. Help a punk in need. Thanks!
WEEK 37 (Sep. 8th – Sep. 14th)

SHOW: BUMSY & THE MOOCHERS @ Grandbar – Mon. Aug. 26th – 8pm
WINNER: Everyone
REASON: Free Show!!!
WEEK 35 (Aug. 25th – Aug. 31st)

SHOW: THE DWARVES @ Reggies – Fri. Aug. 23rd – 8pm
WINNER: Brian B. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Hey Guys!! I should win tickets to see The Dwarves / The Queers / Dan Vapid & The Cheats because: (1) I was on a first date with my girlfriend on New Year’s Eve at the Naked Raygun / Dwarves show last year, and we missed seeing the Dwarves because we were too busy making out in the Raygun practice space upstairs at Cobra. (2) I was at Beat Kitchen 2 weeks later in January to see Dan Vapid & The Cheats; and after helping my buddy pack up his gear that night (he opened for DV&tC), I was outside making out with my girlfriend. Dan came up to us to say goodbye to me, and he asked me to introduce her to him. Dan kept telling me to take her home and give her the business, and to have her call me by his name. *LMAO*. What he didn’t know was that the entire time he talked to us (20 minutes) she had her hand shoved down my pants. We like to tell people that our relationship is “Dan Vapid Approved,” because he gave me the thumbs up when he met her. [Side Note: When Dan invited us to see him play this summer with the Mopes in Jughead's basement, we told him the Beat Kitchen story, and he loved it. His exact words were: "That's me...making love happen."] (3) We (my girlfriend and I) were actually at the Screeching Weasel / Queers show together 2 years ago, but didn’t actually speak. (We have been bumping into each other (sometimes literally) at shows for the last 28 years, but never quite made it to actually being friends/lovers until this last NYE. Our first meeting was at a Naked Raygun show at the Cabaret Metro in 1986; we spoke to each other between bands, but it didn’t go anywhere after that. Until nearly 3 decades later.) So, yeah…I should win the tickets because that would be a hat trick of awesome because we have 3 recent shows that are very important to my girl and I, historically, and I want to experience those bands again with her (and the Dwarves for the first time). Thanks, guys.
WEEK 34 (Aug. 18th – Aug. 24th)

SHOW: SASS DRAGONS @ Township – Wed. Aug. 14th – 8pm
WINNER: Kyle M. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Greetings! I want the Sass Dragons tickets because I have $26 to my name until Friday and I want to spend at least $25 of that on booze at the show tomorrow! Help me out!
WEEK 33 (Aug. 11th – Aug. 17th)

SHOW: THE RIDGELANDS @ Grandbar – Sun. Aug. 4th – 8pm
WINNER: Emily H. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 32 (Aug. 4th – Aug. 10th)

SHOW: DAN VAPID & THE CHEATS @ Cobra Lounge – Sat. Aug. 3rd – 9pm
WINNER: Jerry N. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I want to win tickets to the Dan Vapid & The Cheats contest because I am currently broke as a joke but the spirit of POP PUNK demands that I be at this show!!
WEEK 31 (Jul. 28th – Aug. 3rd)

SHOW: MERCY MERCY @ Ultra Lounge – Day. Mon. XXth – XXpm
WINNER: Lisa L. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 30 (Jul. 21st – Jul. 27th)

SHOW: VANS WARPED TOUR ’13 @ First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre – Sat. Jul. 20th – 11am
WINNER: Sean R. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: After a multi-year run, in the early-to-mid 2000s as a teenager, I thought I was done with the Warped Tour scene. That was until 2011, when two things happened: my love for pop punk had become reinvigorated (thanks largely to The Wonder Years), and my beloved cousin, Young James, was entering the prime of his teen years. So for the last two years, we began a new streak of Warped Tour dates. That streak could be ending this year due to brokeness. Help us keep the streak alive! Help us see our heroes in The Wonder Years! Please & Thank You!
WEEK 29 (Jul. 14th – Jul. 20th)

SHOW: THEY LIVER @ Township & Ultra Lounge – Fri. Jul. 12th – 6pm & Sat. Jul. 13th – 4pm
WINNER: Todd M. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I need them because I have very few dollars and need those for rent and beers at the show and I want to go to all 4 shows. The bands I like are spread out all over.
WEEK 28 (Jul. 7th – Jul. 13th)

SHOW: AMURRICA! FUCK YEAH FEST @ Centennial Lanes – Fri. Jul. 5th – 6pm & Sat. Jul. 6th – 4pm
WINNER: Lexi A. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Hi! I’d love a pair of tickets to the fest this weekend. I find myself attending a lot of local shows & have made close friends with others who attend a lot too. They’ve become like family to me. A lot of my money goes towards supporting the scene. I know a lot of the bands playing both days & never wanna miss their sets but money has been pretty tight around here since I lost my job & everyone knows finding a new one isn’t easy. If you could hook me up with some free tickets that would be great!
WEEK 27 (Jun. 30rd – Jul. 6th)

SHOW: LIPSTICK HOMICIDE @ Township – Sun. Jun. 23th – 8pm
WINNER: Leah C. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Hey dude! I probably won’t have the “best” reason to win these tickets (how subjective!), but I’ll give it a shot. I called off work specifically for this show. No joke. I would be kicking myself if I missed this show. Also, my time in this city is coming to an end, and I doubt I’ll get a chance to see a show like this out west. Furthermore, I love the Turkletons so much, I feel a restraining order coming on. I’ll be at this show regardless, but it’d be nice to win something for once in my life. Because I’m such a loser.
WEEK 26 (Jun. 23rd – Jun. 29th)

SHOW: FACE TO FACE @ Bottom Lounge – Thu. Jun. 20th – 6pm
WINNERS: Blake K. & Rik V. each won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Blake K said: “So, I’ve been looking for an apartment for two months now, and I finally found one. A fucking sweet one in Wicker Park, I must add. But anyway, between the $300 move-in fee and the rent, I have a shortage of money for pop punk shows! Almost $20 a ticket is too rich for my blood. !!!!BONUS REASON!!!! Father’s Day was today. My dad fucking loves TBR and I would totally take him with me.” :: Rik V. said: “Face to Face is one of those bands that conjures up a lot of good memories for me. I was the Monday Night DJ at Exit from ’98 ’til about 2002, and during that time I can’t remember a single night when I didn’t get a request for “Disconnected”. It was one of the few songs I was happy to play frequently. I’m kind of out of the djing game, but Don’t Turn Away and those years working at Exit, the singalong nature of that album conjure up memories of simple fun. I’d love to be able to relive some of that at Bottom Lounge.” 
WEEK 25 (Jun. 16th – Jun. 22nd)

SHOW: MUSTARD PLUG @ Cobra Lounge – Thu. Jun. 13th – 8pm
WINNER: Brian B. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I would like to win the tickets because I am unemployed, and only have $29 in the bank right now, and I need a haircut. My barber charges $20, and Netflix charged me $8 that is going to clear the bank today. Yeah…broke and need the diversion of DESPERATELY in need of a job.
WEEK 24 (Jun. 9th – Jun. 15th)

SHOW: MIKE FELUMLEE @ Township – Thu. Jun. 6th – 6pm
REASON: No one entered the contest
WEEK 23 (Jun. 2nd – Jun. 8th)

SHOW: TOP SHELF LICKERS @ Lincoln Hall – Wed. May 29th – 8pm
WINNER: Rikkaela K. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I would love to win the tickets to see some amazing Chicago talent perform!
WEEK 22 (May 26th – Jun. 1st)

SHOW: POPPUNKWAYO #2 @ Bobby McGees – Sat. May 25th – 1:30pm
REASON: No one entered the contest

WEEK 20 (May 12th – May 18th)
SHOW: LAURA STEVENSON @ Beat Kitchen – Sat. May 18th – 8:30pm
WINNER: Diego S. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Well, there really isn’t a better way to put this, but I have been waiting to see Warren Franklin for the longest time and his new record that I just downloaded today is GOLD and I just want a chance to see him in person. Nothing means more to me than music. Seeing him, hearing his voice and his music would make a GREAT Experience. I’m short on money but if I wasn’t able to win I’d still make an effort to go see him, but you don’t know how much it would mean for me to win these tickets, not only would it be a great moment in my life, but it’d be a great way to thank my friend Rachel for showing me great music by bringing her along to listen to Warren’s music live. I’m so stoked that you are doing this because it gives people like me hope that we could have a chance to go see our favorite artists live and have a great merry old time and for that, I thank you.

WEEK 21 (May 19th – May 25th)
SHOW: BRICKFIGHT @ Township – Fri. May 10th – 9pm
WINNER: Neil T. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 19 (May 5th – May 11th)

SHOW: COLLEEN GREEN @ Empty Bottle – Fri. May 3rd – 9pm
WINNER: Brandon H. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: The reason I wanna go is so I can court sweet sweet Colleen into hopefully putting out a tape on my label! And so the wife and I can dance to her sweet sweet stoner pop melodies!
WEEK 18 (Apr. 28th – May 4th)

WINNER: Everyone
REASON:  just ‘cuz
WEEK 17 (Apr. 21st – Apr. 27th)

WINNER: Brent P. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 16 (Apr. 14th – Apr. 20th)

SHOW: SCREAMING FEMALES @ Subterranean – Thu. Apr. 11th – 8pm
WINNER: Mike K. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 15 (Apr. 7th – Apr. 13th)

SHOW: BANNER PILOT @ Subterranean – Sat. Apr. 6th – 8:30pm
WINNER: Alex S. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: Here’s why I need to win. First of all, I love these bands and listen to Collapser all the time, diggin’ Gateway District’s new album, and have loved Like Bats for years. My wife and I really want to go this show and have missed too many shows while in Chicago. Money is tight when you are newly weds and my wife is a full time grad student! It would be awesome to finally make it out to a good show and blow off some steam before her final show for school.
WEEK 14 (Mar. 31st – Apr. 6th)

SHOW: ALLISON WEISS @ Beat Kitchen – Sat. Mar. 30th – 7pm
WINNER: Keith C. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I think my wife may really like Allison Weiss and it maybe easier to convince her to come out and see someone she has never heard if I told her that Pop Punk Dot Com was footing the bill of the cover. Seriously though, I’m a fan and have yet to see her live, and the Beat Kitchen is by far my favorite venue.
WEEK 13 (Mar. 24th – Mar. 30th)

SHOW: NO TWO WAYNES @ Stage Bar – Fri. Mar. 22nd – 8pm
WINNER: Stephanie M. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I should win tickets because I’m Frederick Malcom’s (Bubba) sister and I’m poor as shit…spent $20 doing laundry today and ate tuna from the can…. Hell I should just be on the guest list but damn, I gotta enter a contest to get tickets…. Thanks… Can I just say in addition, I did pay for Ian’s party and I had to put off laundry for two weeks for that show….
WEEK 12 (Mar. 17th – Mar. 23rd)

SHOW: WARM NEEDLES @ Township – Mon. Mar. 11th – 8pm
WINNER: Michelle N. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 11 (Mar. 10th – Mar. 16th)

SHOW: ALLISTER @ Reggies Rock Club – Sat. Mar. 9th – 6pm
WINNER: Abbie H. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 10 (Mar. 3rd – Mar. 9th)

SHOW: HOTLIPS MESSIAH @ Ultra Lounge – Sat. Mar. 2nd – 8pm
WINNER: Michael V. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I need to win tickets to this show because my friend Moe from Germany if flying in and we as AMERICANS need to show his German ass what Rock n Roll is about. I’m gonna use the extra 16 bucks I save to buy him some Budweisers so he can taste America too!!!! U S A !!!!!!!!!!! US A!!!!!!!
WEEK 9 (Feb. 24th – Mar. 2nd)

SHOW: COCKNEY REJECTS @ Reggies Rock Club – Thu. Feb. 21st – 7pm
WINNER: Elizabeth C. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I need this pair of tickets because Feb 21st is my bday and I was looking for a show to go to! I’ll be going to a show regardless, but it would be even better to go to THIS show via Win because The Crombies are BOSS and I love Reggies
WEEK 8 (Feb. 17th – Feb. 23rd)

SHOW: THE SKY WE SCRAPE @ Quenchers Saloon – Sat. Feb. 16th – 9pm
WINNER: Mike P. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I need to go to The Sky We Scrape show this weekend, and a pair of tickets would be rad because it would give me a great reason to have a post Valentine’s Day date with one lucky lady. Thus, also if I win, I can buy us drinks and we can eat free popcorn, and who doesn’t enjoy that?
WEEK 7 (Feb. 10th – Feb. 16th)

SHOW: THE STUDS @ Elbo Room – Fri. Feb. 8th – 8pm
WINNER: Chloe P. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I’d like free tickets because my ex-boyfriend is the singer in one of the bands and I need to go and look devastatingly sexy and what better way to boost my confidence than winning tickets to this show? (Don’t worry, we’re still friends. I’m not being a psycho ex.) If I can give you another reason, I’d like to win tickets because I really, really want my co-worker to come. She is from the smallest of small towns in Ohio where punk rock doesn’t exist and she will shit her pants when she sees it. She went to a high school with a graduating class of like 50 kids and had bible class like twice a week. She needs this. Maybe more than I do.
WEEK 6 (Feb. 3rd – Feb. 9th)

SHOW: VINDICTIVES BIBLE SCHOOL @ Cobra Lounge – Sat. Feb. 2nd – 8pm
WINNER: Rob C. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: I think I should win a coupla tix to the VBS show this Saturday because I’m a super cool old-school punk rocker from London and while I’ve seen many great punk bands over the years (including the Clash, Stranglers, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Siouxsie, Vibrators, UK Subs, etc, etc) I have not yet had the chance to see either the Vindictives or Vacation Bible School, so I would be (sort of) able to kill 2 birds with one stone this Saturday!
WEEK 5 (Jan. 27 – Feb. 2nd)

SHOW: A CAUSTIC ACOUSTIC @ 8AM – Fri. Jan. 25th – 8:30pm sharp
WINNER: You & Bucket O’ Blood
REASON: This show is a $3-$5 donation and benefits Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records
WEEK 4 (Jan. 20th – Jan. 26th)

SHOW: DAN VAPID and THE CHEATS @ Beat Kitchen – Sat. Jan. 19th – 8:30pm
WINNER: Jason D. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: The first time I saw Dan Vapid play was in 2005 at the old Bottom Lounge with The Methadones and I was hooked. I remember they were opening for the Lawrence Arms. Also on the bill was A Wilhelm Scream and some band called Light. In over 12 years of steady show-going, the ‘Dones became the one band I would see more than any other. Since I work full-time and decided to go back to school at night last year, I haven’t had time, money or energy to get out to the city and lose myself in a sea of sweat with the bands and people I’ve come to love over. I’m also a big fan of the Jetty Boys and haven’t been able to catch them for a year and a half. It’d be sweet to get out on a Saturday with my girlfriend and take her to a show, which we haven’t done in what feels like a long time.
WEEK 3 (Jan. 13 – Jan. 19th)

WINNER: Everyone
REASON:  Don’t Worry, Be Happy
WEEK 2 (Jan. 6th – Jan. 12th)

SHOW: IAN’S PARTY @ Township and Quenchers – Fri. Jan. 4th – Sun. Jan. 6th
WINNER: Mike P. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: My friend Carly is a fan of certain pop punk (Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, etc) and she’s been wanting to get introduced to new bands in the Chicago scene. We’ve recently become friends in the past couple months and her old group of friends doesn’t listen to punk, so we’ve become show buddies in certain respects. Ian’s Party would be the PERFECT opportunity to help her get to know bands like the Brokedowns, Wide Angles, Business Papers, Canadian Rifle, etc. It would also be a great opportunity for her to meet new friends as well! However, we spoke last night and she told me she couldn’t go because she had no cash, and myself, I can only afford 1 day for Ian’s Party due to Christmas/NYE being hectic on the funds. I know for a fact this would really make her weekend if I can get the tickets, and it would be awesome if PPDC can provide us the opportunity.
WEEK 1 (Dec. 30th – Jan. 5th)



SHOW: JOHNNY REV @ Elbo Room – Fri. Dec. 28th – 8:30pm
WINNER: no one entered, no one won.
WEEK 52 – (Dec. 23rd – 29th)

SHOW: FIREWORKS @ Beat Kitchen – Fri. Dec. 21st – 7pm
WINNER: Sean R. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: “It would absolutely make my year to win tickets to the Fireworks show tomorrow night! I’m a huge Fireworks fan; I know the lines to every song off their last two albums and would love to have the chance to sing along at the show. I actually really like The Sky We Scrape a lot too, having seen them twice already live. In fact, I own a shirt from each band (almost accidentally attached pics haha)! But beyond myself, it would be a great early Christmas gift to my best friend. Money’s obviously tight around this time of year, but he’d love to go, as he’s an even bigger fan of TSWS than I am (saw them three times!) and I finally managed to hook him on some Fireworks recently too. Hope to hear some good news back soon, but either way, thanks a lot for this opportunity!”
WEEK 51 – (Dec. 16th – 22nd)

SHOW: THE VAN BUREN BOYS @ Ultra Lounge – Sun. Dec. 9th – 8pm
WINNER: Josh R. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: “my name is josh romero and I want to go because I haven’t been to a rock n roll show in a while with work getting me down. Tonight would be perfect opportunity to let loose !!!!!!”
WEEK 50 – (Dec. 9th – 15th)

SHOW: FLATFOOT 56 @ Brauerhouse – Sat. Dec. 8th – 9pm
WINNER: Heather T. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: “Chance to win Flatfoot 56 tickets?? Are you kidding me?!! This is not just for fun, it’s for my sanity & SURVIVAL!! Lol! Seriously, life has really been such a rollercoaster this past year with jobs, family and personal situations my head is spinning. Right now, I’m actually not working, so to ask my husband if he minds I drive 3 hours from Wisconsin to see a Chicago Punk band was really pushing it! He’s an amazing man and totally understands how much it means to me to see this band. These guys and their music have inspired me beyond words.  So many of their songs have become my anthem and encourage me to never give up the good fight.  I have every FF56 CD loaded in my car stereo and blast them everywhere I go…it’s the best free therapy ever!!!! There’s no way you can listen to FF56 and stay down…it’s just not possible!!”
WEEK 49 – (Dec. 2nd – 8th)

SHOW: FULL ON @ Township – Sat. Dec. 1st – 9pm
WINNER: Adam L. won a pair of tickets!
WEEK 48 – (Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st)

SHOW: THE REZILLOS @ Mayne Stage – Wed. Nov. 21st – 8:30pm
WINNER: Richard V. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: “I’m not going to offer up some sob story, but here’s why I should win tickets to the Rezillos/Tutu show. Obviously, times are tough for a lot of people. We (my fiance and I) are no exception. That said, there have been a number of shows that we’ve had to forego because we’re strapped for cash. We couldn’t do Riot Fest. We couldn’t do Angry Samoans. I think you get the idea. We’re responsible people and we know our properties. Sometimes a show or three gets missed.Our son (he’s almost three) keeps us thinking light and when we get some good music going on in the house he likes to yell out “rock and roll!” Besides it would be a necessary night out for us before the madness of the holidays. Now if only you could supply a baby sitter…”
WEEK 47 - (Nov. 18th – Nov. 24th)

SHOW: THE COPYRIGHTS @ Ultra Lounge – Fri. Nov. 16th – 8pm
WINNER: Its a tie! Keith C. and Johnny W. win one ticket each!
REASON: Keith C. wrote: “These are the top five reasons I should win The Copyrights tickets: 5. Yesterday was my birthday. 4. My wife is in lust with Adam Fletcher. 3. I go to a lot of shows so it would be nice not to pay for one and feel “important”. 2. KEPI!!! 1. I will spend the money I save on the cover on the wide angles LP” :: Johnny W. wrote: “who else in chicago has been a fill in drummer for the copyrights? I will wait for an answer. Oh, me. for their button smasher 7inch release, they did a small two week tour to the east coast and down south. i spent my 26th bday with them, let them use my van, and all i got was a copy of the 7 inch. so maybe some tickets are in order, for compensation way after the fact.”
WEEK 46 - (Nov. 11th – Nov. 17th)

SHOW: MASKED INTRUDER @ Township – Sun. Nov. 4th – 6pm
WINNER: John R. won a pair of tickets!
REASON: “Okay, so I went to fest this year to see everyone ever, but unfortunately I couldn’t see masked intruder because I’m under 21 and they played at a bar. LAME RIGHT?! I’m also trying to bring my broke friend, so free tickets would be the best! Also ill wear one of my sweet shirts!”
WEEK 45 - (Nov. 4th – Nov. 10th)