Pop Punk Dot Com is the world wide web’s premier pop punk website. PPDC’s mission is to put pop punk front and center regardless of the music’s origin. Here you will find unsigned, independent, and even major label artists from around the world. Our focus is on established pop punk artists or artists who mix punk and pop to varying degrees. We consider an artist with any recording on vinyl to be an established artist. Pop Punk Dot Com is not an “add-your-own-content” style website. Rather, PPDC is curated by PPDC Staff Members. The purpose of PPDC is two-fold; first and foremost is to organize information about pop punk into a book. The second purpose is to promote pop punk music and nurture pop punk community. Welcome to Pop Punk Dot Com.


Pop Punk Dot Com was first registered in 1998 by Stephen Neurotic. Stickers were given out at festivals and three compilation CDs were released to promote the website. Neurotic’s version of the website provided visitors with interviews, photos, and mp3s. Development continued until 2005 when Neurotic decided to persue other interests. In 2009, Bradley Adita negotiated with Neurotic to purchase the domain. In 2010, Adita created the bubblecore logo with artist/filmmaker Joshua Graff and the logo was displayed with hosting provided by “nata2.org“. In 2011, Adita teamed up with Johnny Costello to redesign the site. Pop Punk Dot Com celebrates it’s 15th birthday on June 8th, 2013.