When possible, PPDC will spotlight an artist as the Artist Of The Month (AOTM). This feature highlights one active artist who is currently making great music. The following year, an Artist Of The Year (AOTY) will be chosen from the previous year’s AOTMs. The same artist can not be AOTM twice in the same year, however once the year is over, all artists become eligible again. PPDC’s AOTM can either be a pop punk artist, or an artist who combines pop with punk to varying degrees. At the very minimum, each AOTM will provide PPDC with three things; a photo of the artist, a logo, and a link to a page on the web where their music can be heard. Anything beyond these three things is something that must be arranged between the artist and PPDC. If you’d like to be considered, please contact PPDC. At this time we are only accepting vinyl submissions (see the contact page). PPDC’s AOTM and AOTY rules and regulations subject to change.

8/12/13 - Update: We will be reactivating the AOTM in Sep. 2013 – await more updates & surprises!
10/12/13 – Update: The Sep. 2013 reactivation has been cancelled. Check in later for more AOTM reactivation updates.

September :: TBA!

March :: Sore Subjects
April :: The Fur Coats
May :: Downtown Struts